A comprehensive medical center that encompasses treatment and prevention for people of all ages, Horizon Family Medical Group serves the healthcare needs of the citizens of Orange County, New York. Horizon Family Medical Group has a deep commitment to addressing chronic diseases and alleviating symptoms through a robust team-centered approach, coupled with appropriate therapeutic interventions. 

In an attempt to diminish the suffering of chronic allergy victims, the practice utilizes Dr. Castro, who specializes in Allergy and Immunology. The staff work on household elimination plans to reduce common irritants, including dust, pet dander, and mold. In addition, the practice employs typical treatment regimens such as medication or shots to reduce symptoms. The Allergy and Immunology department can even treat allergies that progress into full-blown autoimmune disorders. 

With the presence of nationally renowned heart specialists, the center’s cardiac team is equipped to diagnose and treat a whole range of disorders that affect the heart. The center can perform diagnostic, clinical, interventional, and nuclear cardiology. Dr. Gosselin, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Weerackody are the three members who comprise the cardiology team. They will work closely with the referring physician, regardless of whether that physician works at Horizon, to treat the whole patient. 

A particularly innovative clinical feature of the practice is the hospitalist program. A hospitalist is a board-certified internist who works exclusively in the hospital setting. The hospitalist works as the liaison between the patient and the general practitioner. Many of the practice’s patients find comfort in having a familiar face who is well informed about their case working for their needs during a stressful hospital stay. The hospitalist will confirm any changes made to a patient’s regimen at the hospital with the patient’s regular doctors from Horizon Family Medical Group.


  • 30 Hatfield Lane, Suite 101
    Goshen NY 10924
  • (845) 294-2733



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